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How To Clean Makeup Bag

How To Clean Makeup Bag In recent years, the importance of hygiene and cleanliness has been emphasized, given our heightened awareness of germs and bacteria that lurk on every surface and object we encounter. From diligent hand washing to ensuring that everything in proximity to our mouths and faces is clean and sanitary, our makeup, and specifically our makeup bags, fall into this purview.

Can you recall the last time you thoroughly cleaned your cosmetic bag? A startling report by Dr. Amreen Bashir and Professor Peter Lambert from Aston University revealed that a staggering nine out of ten makeup bags are harboring superbugs like E.coli (associated with urinary tract infections and food contamination) and staphylococci (a particularly troublesome bacteria). That’s alarming!

Our meticulously designed makeup bags are crafted to endure years of daily usage while maintaining their pristine appearance. Let us guide you through straightforward steps on how to cleanse a makeup bag, wash bag, or vanity case, ensuring they remain both stylish and free from harmful bacteria.

How to Clean a Makeup Bag:

How To Clean Makeup Bag
How To Clean Makeup Bag

Step 1: Empty Your Bag 

Begin by thoroughly emptying your bag. This step cannot be emphasized enough. Inspect the products for their expiration dates and discard any that have exceeded their shelf life. We’ve even devised a practical makeup expiration chart to determine the longevity of cosmetics and how to identify expiry dates on packaging. Refer to the guide below in this post.

Step 2: Turn Your Makeup Bag Inside Out 

Maintaining optimal hygiene entails keeping the bag’s interior immaculate, a priority over the exterior. The most effective way to access all those nooks and crannies is by inverting the bag inside out. While this might crease the outer fabric, fret not! We have a brilliant crease-eliminating hack later in this post.

Step 3: Clean the Lining 

Victoria Green makeup bags are equipped with lined seams to contain spills within the bag. Therefore, it’s essential to remove any debris or old makeup that may have accumulated in these areas over time. A simple yet effective method involves using a new dry toothbrush (a tip from our reader, Helen S), reaching into all the corners. Subsequently, employ a cotton wool pad soaked in eye makeup remover to erase any makeup smudges and stains.

Having achieved a clean and smudge-free makeup bag lining, it’s time to eradicate those lurking germs. Utilize an antibacterial household spray (sans bleach, which can harm your makeup bag). Apply it generously and use a clean cloth to work it into the nooks and crannies. Leave it to dry, preferably overnight.

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Step 4: Once It’s Dry 

How To Clean Makeup Bag
How To Clean Makeup Bag

Carefully revert the bag to its original orientation and generously spritz the exterior with your antibacterial spray. Wipe off any excess with a clean, dry cloth. Victoria Green makeup bags are crafted from high-quality, waterproof, and wipe-clean materials, designed for effortless cleaning.

Now, for the ingenious crease-busting trick! All you require is a standard hairdryer. Set it to the highest temperature setting, gently warming the bag’s outer fabric. Ensure constant movement of the dryer to prevent overheating in one area. When the fabric becomes warm, it softens, making crease removal a breeze – a technique employed during our photoshoots to maintain the pristine condition of our makeup bags and wash bags!

Step 5: Regular Maintenance 

To sustain the cleanliness of any makeup bag or wash bag used regularly, consider a thorough deep cleaning once a month. Additionally, implement a weekly top-up by spritzing with antibacterial spray, always ensuring the bag’s interior is entirely dry before sealing it.

Remember your brushes! Ensure that makeup brushes are devoid of makeup residue and sanitized. Shockingly, 72% of women admit to never washing their makeup brushes. Whether you fall into this category or wash your brushes weekly, now is the ideal moment for a deep cleanse.

Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes:

How To Clean Makeup Bag
How To Clean Makeup Bag

Step 1: Brush Cleaning 

If baby shampoo is gentle enough for a baby, it’s certainly appropriate for your cherished makeup brushes. Baby shampoo is an excellent choice due to its mildness on the brush bristles, though any hair or body detergent will suffice. Avoid household detergents, as your brushes come into contact with your facial skin, necessitating gentle cleansing.

Fill a sink with soapy water and allow your brushes to soak for several minutes. Massage each brush to ensure the removal of any product buildup. Drain the sink and proceed to rinse each brush under the tap until the water runs clear.

Step 2: Drying Your Brushes 

The subsequent step involves the proper drying of your brushes, crucial for preserving their quality. Makeup artists recommend drying brushes upside down to prevent water from dripping into the handle and causing damage. Alternatively, place them on a clean, dry towel atop a radiator for effective drying.

Repacking and Organizing Your Clean Beauty Bag

How To Clean Makeup Bag

Now that you’ve impeccably cleaned and sanitized your makeup and wash bag, as well as sorted your beauty products, it’s time for the satisfying part: organization. As mentioned earlier, we discussed an easily readable cosmetic expiration chart. Here it is:

A fantastic tip from professional organizer Sue Spencer is to mark the date of opening makeup and toiletries with a permanent marker. This method facilitates tracking when to dispose of these items.

Lastly, don’t overlook your beauty tools! Eyelash curlers and tweezers warrant a spritz of antibacterial spray and a gentle wipe with a soft cloth to preserve their germ-free condition. For the utmost hygiene, store makeup brushes separately from your cosmetics. You might opt for beauty bags with compartments or keep them in distinct clear bags.

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Going Green and Staying Clean 

You might even consider treating yourself to a new lipstick or two to adorn your clean and organized makeup bag. If you aspire to elevate your eco-consciousness within your makeup routine, ponder replacing select items with clean beauty alternatives. Numerous clean beauty brands are now readily available, renowned for their commitment to both skin and environmental health. Notable options include BareMinerals, celebrated for its clean beauty ethos, and EcoTools, creators of exceptional vegan makeup brushes. Remember to always note the expiration date!

Do you possess any tips for maintaining the cleanliness and quality of your beauty products? We eagerly anticipate your insights! Feel free to share them in the comments section below.