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What Is Lips Of An Angel About

What Is Lips Of An Angel About stands as a chart-topping single from the rock band Hinder. The song narrates the struggles of a man attempting to remain faithful to his current partner while still harboring intense emotions for his former girlfriend, whose lips he likens to those of an angel.

This dilemma becomes all the more complex as the ex-girlfriend, evidently still holding strong feelings, reaches out to him late at night for conversation. Such late-night calls only intensify his longing for her, to the point where he wishes she were his present girlfriend.

As the song unfolds, it becomes increasingly evident that both parties have not fully moved on from each other. However, given the narrator’s involvement in a new relationship, the possibility of rekindling their love appears remote. This sentiment culminates in the song’s concluding question.

Behind the Lyrics

What Is Lips Of An Angel About
What Is Lips Of An Angel About

Analysts suggest that the closing question is not meant to be taken literally but rather as a metaphor for her reconnecting with him later in life, once he has moved on.

Austin Winkler’s Perspective

According to Austin Winkler, the band’s lead singer, “Lips of an Angel” draws inspiration from a real-life experience. In this personal encounter, Winkler found it exceptionally challenging to bid farewell to his former girlfriend, even though their relationship had long concluded.

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Songwriting Credits

What Is Lips Of An Angel About
What Is Lips Of An Angel About

Winkler co-wrote “Lips of an Angel” with his bandmate Brian Howes, who also produced the track.

Winkler recalls that it took him approximately thirty minutes to pen the lyrics of this emotionally charged song.

Release Date

What Is Lips Of An Angel About
What Is Lips Of An Angel About

On July 24, 2006, Universal Records released “Lips of an Angel” as a single by Hinder. It served as the lead single from their album “Extreme Behavior.”

Chart-Topping Success

This song soared to the number one spot in Australia and New Zealand. Additionally, it reached peak positions of 3 and 1 on Billboard’s “Hot 100” and “Mainstream Top 40” charts in the United States, respectively. Impressively, it went on to sell over 4 million units in the U.S.

Notable Covers

American country singer Jack Ingram recorded his version of “Lips of an Angel” in 2006. This rendition, featured on his “This Is It” album, enjoyed considerable success in the United States.

Memorable Appearances

What Is Lips Of An Angel About
What Is Lips Of An Angel About

The song found its way into Season 1 of the American sports TV drama “Friday Night Lights” (Episode 8). Additionally, “Lips of an Angel” has been featured in several video games, including “Lips,” “Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol Encore,” “Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party,” and “Band Hero.”

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“Extreme Behavior” Album

Hinder’s debut studio album, “Extreme Behavior,” was officially released on September 27, 2005. The album, produced by renowned Canadian songwriter and record producer Brian Howes, is renowned for yielding Hinder’s breakthrough hit singles, “Get Stoned” and “Lips of an Angel.”

Recording sessions took place at the prestigious Armoury Studios in Vancouver, Canada. Universal Records released “Extreme Behavior.”

The album enjoyed considerable success, reaching No. 1 in Australia, No. 9 in New Zealand, No. 6 on the Billboard 200 chart, and No. 168 on the OCC chart in the UK.

“Extreme Behavior” achieved a 3x platinum certification from the RIAA in the U.S. Furthermore, it received platinum certifications from Canada’s Canada Music and Australia’s ARIA.

It is worth noting that the album’s cover, featuring an unidentified female dressed in lingerie, stirred some controversy. Many music experts speculated that the woman was American actress Katherine Heigl. In more conservative markets, such as the Middle East, an edited version of the album cover was utilized.