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How To Sharpen Plastic Eyeliner Pencil

How To Sharpen Plastic Eyeliner Pencil are like magic wands, enhancing the allure of your eyes. Nearly every woman relies on eyeliner to enhance their eye makeup. If you’re one of those who always carries an eyeliner pencil, you’re likely familiar with the challenge of sharpening it. Achieving the perfect eyeliner shape can be tricky. This article provides valuable tips and suggestions to tackle this issue effectively. Let’s dive in.

Can You Sharpen Plastic Eyeliner Pencils?

How To Sharpen Plastic Eyeliner Pencil
How To Sharpen Plastic Eyeliner Pencil

To create a flawless eye look, using a soft eyeliner pencil tip is essential. Soft plastic eyeliner pencils can be challenging to sharpen. Standard sharpeners designed for wooden pencils are readily available in most drugstores. However, when it comes to sharpening a plastic eyeliner pencil, it’s best to use a sharpener specifically designed for plastic makeup pencils.

How to Sharpen Plastic Eyeliner Pencils – 7 Tips to Follow

How To Sharpen Plastic Eyeliner Pencil
How To Sharpen Plastic Eyeliner Pencil

Before delving into the process of sharpening plastic eyeliner pencils, it’s crucial to understand what an eyeliner sharpener is. An eyeliner pencil sharpener, makeup sharpener, or pencil sharpener is a dual-bladed tool designed explicitly for sharpening eyeliner and other beauty pencils. Standard sharpeners might not provide the precision required for plastic eyeliners. Here are seven tips to help you sharpen your plastic eyeliner pencil effectively:

1. Avoid Using Standard Pencil Sharpeners: Using a regular sharpener for plastic eyeliner pencils is not recommended. Soft kohl or plastic eyeliners can break or smudge if sharpened with a standard pencil sharpener. Ensure you use a sharpener specially designed for makeup pencils.

2. Don’t Over-Sharpen: There’s no need to over-sharpen plastic eyeliner pencils. Since they are used around the delicate eye area, avoid overly sharp pencil tips. A slightly smoother, thicker eyeliner tip can yield more precise results.

3. Sharpen in the Right Direction: To sharpen plastic eyeliner pencils effectively, break them every time you sharpen. Adjust your sharpening technique by placing the eyeliner pencil in the sharpener and gently rotating the sharpener around it.

4. Stainless Steel Blades: Opt for a sharpener with stainless steel blades. Stainless steel blades are durable and won’t degrade or dull over time.

5. Freeze the Eyeliner: Before sharpening, place your plastic eyeliner pencil in the freezer for about five minutes. This prevents the eyeliner from crumbling during sharpening. For thicker eyeliner pencils, extend the freezing time to 10-15 minutes or more.

6. Use Alcohol for Cleaning: It’s essential to keep the sharpener clean. Before inserting your plastic eyeliner pencil, clean the sharpener blades with alcohol. This kills any bacteria and prevents it from entering your eyes. Remember to sanitize both before and after use.

7. Dual Pencil Sharpener: Consider investing in a dual pencil sharpener with two different-sized holes. These sharpeners are versatile and can sharpen various sizes of plastic eyeliner pencils. They are also cost-effective and convenient.

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Distinguishing Between Eye Pencils and Eyeliners

How To Sharpen Plastic Eyeliner Pencil
How To Sharpen Plastic Eyeliner Pencil

For those who use makeup regularly or have an interest in cosmetics, it’s important to differentiate between eye pencils and eyeliners. Despite sharing similar names, they serve distinct purposes.

  • Eye Pencils: These are versatile and beginner-friendly. Eye pencils are easy to use and provide a neat eyelid appearance. They work well for lining the inner corners of the eyes and are suitable for individuals with wrinkled eyelids.
  • Eyeliners: Eyeliners are perfect for achieving a more dramatic look. They offer darker and richer colors, making them ideal for creating cat-eye styles. Eyeliners allow for precise lines that are challenging to achieve with eye pencils.

Selecting the Right Eyeliner Sharpener

How To Sharpen Plastic Eyeliner Pencil
How To Sharpen Plastic Eyeliner Pencil

If you frequently use eyeliner, owning an eyeliner sharpener is essential to maintain your eyeliner’s shape and performance. It’s impossible to apply eyeliner properly without a well-sharpened pencil. To choose the best eyeliner sharpener, consider the following factors:

  • Portability: Opt for a lightweight and portable eyeliner sharpener, which allows for touch-ups whenever and wherever you need them.
  • Multiple Blades and Sizes: If you own eyeliners of various sizes, look for a sharpener with multiple blades and hole sizes to accommodate different pencil sizes. This versatility ensures you can sharpen all your eyeliners effectively.
  • Blade Angle: Shorter blades at a greater angle on an eyeliner sharpener make the sharpening process more manageable, especially for plastic eyeliners.

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Having the right eyeliner sharpener on hand ensures your eyeliner always looks its best, enhancing the beauty of your eyes. Make an informed choice when shopping for an eyeliner sharpener, keeping your preferences and needs in mind.